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ARC Group Medical, is proud to announce the launch of Preventogen™, a topical infection prevention polymer designed to provide clinicians with a more effective tool in the fight against surgical site infections and chronic wounds.

The application of the PREVENTOGEN liquid polymer in pre-launch clinical studies has shown its effectiveness in dramatically reducing the rate of pin-tract infections related to external fixation procedures


MED Alliance Solutions is a medical device distributor that specializes in the sales, marketing, importation, logistics, and distribution of innovative, high quality cardiovascular and cardiothoracic medical devices.


Orange offers a wide versatile range of innovative and cost effective medical surgical products and supplies, designed with providing the best patient outcome possible.


Augustine Surgical develops innovative products that target surgical safety and improve outcomes that will directly benefit patients and their providers.


BioStable is a cardiovascular device company focused on developing and commercializing proprietary valve repair technologies that provide an alternative to valve replacement for patients.


Biom'up develops and commercializes hemostatic products based on patented biopolymers designed to simplify the surgeons practices for open surgical procedures in numerous specialties.


Circa Scientific innovates safe, accurate, and fast technologies for improved patient care. Founded in 2009 they are now a leader in the field of esophageal temperature monitoring

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