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About Us

ARC Group Medical, LLC is a multi-faceted medical company based in Jacksonville, Florida with experience in stock and non-stock distribution, commercialization, and product development.

After years of hands-on clinical experience followed by years of sales success in the medical device industry, Tony Cancel formed ARC in 2016.

ARC Group Medical has grown significantly since its creation, and now specializes across multiple sectors in many states. ARC has a vast network of proven skilled representatives that have a passion for the medical device industry. Not only is ARC skilled in driving sales for established products and companies, but ARC Group Medical has been instrumental in numerous product launches.

As of today, we represent lines in the following areas: COVID Diagnostics, Interventional Radiology, Vascular, Electrophysiology, Structural Heart, Esophageal Temperature Monitoring, Patient Warming, Hemostatic Products, and Surgical Instruments. 

ARC's mission is to be great at what we do. We achieve this by continual learning, networking, and staying connected, industry publications, targeting specific partners, National Sales Meetings, trade shows, conferences and conventions, webinar-based modules, and field training.

An ARC is defined as a curved trajectory; let us help your ARC move upward to success.

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Antonio R. Cancel, RN

President and Regional Distributor


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